Wednesday, June 17, 2015



This month challenge is called Ebru Soap Technique. At first I was not sure if I liked this technique but decided to give it a chance. Needless to say I absolutely loved the process. I made a few “mistakes” in the way but still love the final result. 

I had sitting an Arnica infusion in olive oil waiting for a chance to make a batch of soap in combination with a blend of FO and EO from Crafter’s choice named Muscle Rescue.   I decided this was a great opportunity to try both the soap and the technique.

Here is a picture of some of the ingredients used in my soap:

My other hobby is working with paper and making 3D projects with it. I usually start with an inspirational image and since this challenge requires the use of color I decided to do the same. I went to Pinterest which is my Holy Grail to look for inspiration and picked this picture:

The first thing I did was choose and prepare my colors. 

From Mad Oils: 

I also used Peacock but forgot to include it in the picture.

From Crafter's Choice:

For the light blue used as the base color I mixed Titanium Dioxide + Blue Oil (CF) + The Maniacal Pea (MO).

For the Navy Blue I mixed Cobalt Blue Ultramarine + Black Oxide both from CF.

I used the same slow moving recipe I got from the spinning swirl tutorial.

I added the fragrance and the lye water to the oils at the same time to make sure to stop the blender at the emulsified stage to divide and color the soap.  Since I had never used that blend of FO and EO I was not sure how will they react in the process.  It did wonderfully.

Once everything was ready I poured the base of the soap and started to mix in the colors. The BIG mistake I made was to use all the turquoise batter at once. Ohh boy!! I realized my stupidity too late LOL! It's a good thing that there is always some residual soap in the bowl and I was able to use a drop of it at the end to add that pop of color.

Here is how it looks after pouring all the soap and before starting to make the design.

Here I started to make the flowers:

All the flowers:

And the final result. At this point all that was left was to wait for the process to take place and see how my soap turned out. So I waited....

And here are the pictures of my smiling soap. I named it like that because the design looks like smiling faces to me. Ok... Scary smiling faces LOL!

And more pictures of the loaf divided into bars. I still don't own a slab mold so I did with what I have. Still, I like how they turned out and I will keep practicing with this new technique.

I even had enough batter to make a mini loaf. My mom will be a happy camper!!

For a next time if I still don't have a slab mold I will try and make some kind of swirl inside the soap.  Still, I love my smiling soap and it smells wonderful.

Thanks a lot  for your visit and have a great day!! 


  1. Beautiful colors and flowers! The colors really look like the ones in your inspiration picture!

  2. Purple and teal are some of my favourite colours. I love your end result, it looks lovely inside the bars the way you have cut them too. Really nice design :)

  3. Your soap turned out beautifully!! I wasn't sure how you saw smiling faces until I saw the cut soap photos from the side - too funny!! Really pretty colors - love it!

  4. Beautiful soap, love the colors you did a really good job!